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Your thoughts become youYour thoughts become you, and you never wake up in the same body twice, nor the same mind as the day prior

(credit to Amir Siddiqui for the statement)

There is an often repeated adage that we “are what we eat”

That the food that we consume, protein, carbs, fat, the quality and quantity, whether its processed, organic, raw, all the energy that we ingest

This energy replaces the energy that we expend, lose, burn, break down, etc

And so that what we eat, in a way, it becomes us. Our metabolism, genetics, physiology, are all influenced and shaped by our food

To “Eat Clean” then, is to eat in such a way that we preserve, enhance,

and more or less eat “good” for our health.

Eat like an adult.

There is another component to this. Simple, but overlooked

Just as we can choose what we eat, ingest, where it comes from

We also have the capacity to choose what we THINK

What do you feed your mind with?

We have almost infinite ability to do this, probably more so than at any point in history.

With the rise of social media, internet, the demoncratization of information

Its like an all you can eat buffet of information.

-You can choose colors, you can choose music, you can choose information, sources, stimulus, etc

YOU are the filter.

You can be subjective, objective, emotional, biased, abundant, scarce, victimized, empowered

You are both filter and receiver.

You can follow your dogmas, you can follow a guru, you can follow a cult, you can follow your politics

You can follow your worldview, that YOU yourself created,

And you can never question anything, learn anything, or be exposed to anything.

You can affirm your position of being “right” about every single thing you think.

And because you are human, being “right” becomes synonymous with self worth and ego

No one wants to be wrong, no one wants to feel that they dont know, no one wants to have their beliefs questions as being the “wrong” beliefs

Most information we filter, we dont challenge ourselves

We just look for reinforcement of what we already know, or think we know.

Where does this lead to?

Your Health is the Manifestation of your thinking

Both your physical health, and your mental health.

I dont know what you think, feel, or believe,

I will tell you however, that if your physical health is lacking, if your mental health is lacking

If the relationship between your physicality and Mentality is broken down somewhere

SOMETHING needs to change,

And some questions need to be asked of yourself.

You are both student and master of yourself,

So examine that relationship.

See what you find,

I dont have answers for you. I am no ones guru

I do have questions though,

And you are the one with the answers,

Good Luck