When I was a young boy, my father told me I had to learn to control three things“Your women, your money, and your liquor. Any one of those you let get out of control, it can bring your whole life down”This statement, while simple, is an extremely powerful one. This trifecta represents a certain wholeness of masculinity

-Man and his relationship to Woman

-Man and means to provide for himself

-Man and his savage nature which makes him self destructive

Each of these must be developed if you are to navigate life without being your own worst enemy. You must be in control.


Man and WomanMen are not women, women are not men. It is biological nature of man to be able to do two things.

The first, to protect himself, and if capable of so, to protect others.To provide for himself, and if capable of so, to be able to provide for other.It is the biological nature of women to be protected and provided for. Biology does not change, and political correctness and feminism are things I give no fucks about. Biology does not care about postmodern critique and feelings. Those things are representative of social decay, not progress.Man is a creature that is made to be taken advantage of. It is genetic inherency that we are protective, it is inherency that we want to problem solve. And relative to modern times, it is social conditioning that we are conditioned to supplicate to a feminine imperative.Said simply, men will do most anything for sex, up to and including debasing and disrespecting themselves for misguided female approval.Women can be a destructive force like no other. You can be emotionally manipulated, used, played with, and driven to the edge of insanity.Many a man has destroyed his life over women. Whether it was by one, or by chasing many, or by being cucked, the list goes on.Many a man has wasted time on women, his money on women, and his life on women.This is not a rant to never marry and exist in perpetual bachelorhood.

Companionship is something all people need at some point. Sorry would be the man that never loved at least once and was a better man for it. Sorry would be the man that thought he knew everything of life but was never a father, a grandfather, and a husbandA woman can be one of the best things in a man’s life. She could also be the worst thing.You can learn of your own accord, or you can have some guidance. Many men, especially young men, they struggle with the entire dynamic of interacting with women.Don’t let this be a weakness.


Suggested Reading-The Rationale Male, by Rollo Tomassi

Man and Money

I am no expert on being rich, nor do I play on the internet. My point is a simple one

“A Man must be able to provide for himself, and then for others”. This is a simply applied as the following

-develop a profession/skillset that enables you to fully support yourself

-Be financially self reliant. Do not depend on others

-Do not spend frivolously

-Do not put yourself into debt or ruin your creditMuch ado can be made about money,being a slave to status, and the lifestyle there of. That said, the lack of money is the root of evil, and there is no excuse for living life of destitution. If you are a young man, financial management MUST be part of your mindset. Your job right now, your aspirations in 1, 5, and 10 years, hope is not a formula for these things. What are the costs, what is the income necessary, what is the backwards path?Recommended reading - I Will Teach You To Be Rich-Ramit Sethi

(and pardon the godawful title, I promise it is a good book)


Man and His Vices

Alcoholism can run in families. Ive seen a lot of different kinds. The kind I know is not the raging kind, it is the black pit kind. The kind where you drink and stare into the minds eye abyss, and drink some more. Stress? Drink. Tragedy? Drink. Heartbreak? Drink? Self Pity? Drink.

Patterns you see.

A man can civilize himself all he likes, but we are still animals at heart and mind. Everyone is addicted to something. Anything can be a Vice if you give enough of yourself to. You need to know yours. Self destruction can be done in many ways, regardless of how same the themes are. A vice may be something you can minimize, or it may need to be cut out entirely. Replace your worser addictions with better ones if necessary.Don’t be your enemy. Leave that to the world at large.If the world can’t turn you against yourself, you’ll be very hard to stop.