There is Trained, and There is Untrained

— John Creasey

I received this question on Twitter from a follower,

“Why should I start lifting and why should I care?”

This question is both broad and deep, and the person was asking this sincerely. As much as I share about health, tactics, strategies, mindsets, and more, there is a meta level beyond that of WHY:

Why should your health matter to you? Why is lifting important in the first place? Why does any of this matter?

This question, as I see it, has three parts to it: Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

Let’s start with the most obvious, the physical.

The Physical Reasons for Lifting Weights

Right now, gravity is going to kill you, every single waking second you are alive gravity is bearing down on you, slowly pulling you closer and closer to the earth. There is a reason we BURY the dead.

Gravity is going to cause your skin to sag, your joints to break, your bones to become arthritic. Gravity is a war you cannot “win”, but you can defy it and do yourself justice

What resists gravity?


Without muscle, you would be crippled, in a wheelchair, and on the brink of death. Every disease in the world that causes muscle wasting and atrophy, those diseases all kill.

You don’t care about muscle?

Fine, gravity is going to kill you that much faster. Your health will break down that much faster, your quality of life will degrade that much swifter. Your health costs will rise, your expenses increase.

You’ll be dependent upon other, dependent upon a walker, a wheelchair, an oxygen tank.

Muscle really does all that?

YES. Muscle does everything. And the less you have, the sooner you die and die painfully and pathetically by most estimations.

I don’t try to “convince” people to care about lifting. How do you want to die? And how do you want to live?

I can tell you what will happen if you have no muscle if your body is weak, infirm, formless. You will go into age painfully and be complaining, and your life will decline as a result. You’ll say this is part of the process, and you will die, slowly, being ground away over the last third of your life.

And there will be nothing proud about it.

Weak things fall prey to all the things that are stronger than them. Nature does not reward weakness, health does not reward sloth, biology does not reward a lack of adversity.

All of the Western diseases can be avoided through resistance training, clean eating, and exercise. Otherwise, you’ll become the thing you shudder at when you see an elderly person stooped over, or in a power chair. Or the obese person that can no longer walk.

Highly obese people rarely live past their mid-60s. Physically weak people spend almost half their life in a state of degeneration.

Is that how you want to die? Wishing and wishing and wishing and wishing you’d taken better “care” of yourself. Wishing you had done things differently?

Too late, biology does not give any fucks about feelings or you being lazy. The axiom of outcome, everything is your fault.

That’s either the best thing in the world, or the worst thing to ever happen to you,

Pick one.

There is trained and there is untrained.

Which one are you?