What follows are the common ways, in no particularly arranged order, of those obstacles, enemies, traps, and delusions that impede us from better Health, and better life as a whole.

-The invitation of “speed”, in fast food eaten in our cars, detoxes done in seven days or less, or detoxes in general, extreme workouts that promise us the most rapid of results, pills that claim weight loss with no effort on our part, and transformations to our bodies, none of which requires any change on the part of our minds

-false expectations, that provide us a structure to fail, and convince us that our efforts are for naught

-”diets” which are monomaniacal in their claims of why we our unhealthy, and provide no reasonable solution aside from extremism and totalitarian adherence

-any belief that is rooted in ridding ourselves of the parts and pieces of ourselves that we hate, and believing that happiness will come from this hatred and punishment of the self

-believing that “how we used to be” is something that can always be again. Time can only move forward, not back.

-that “tomorrow” will be the day that was yesterday, when you also said “tomorrow”

-Our friends, who will assure that we do not need to change, should not change, are delusional about changing, and that our body/diet/weight/state of ill countenance is a “part of life” that comes with our age/gender/professional/parenthood

-Our family, who will be doubting, cold, dismissive, concerned, argumentative, and enabling to all the behaviors we wish to leave behind, and resistant to all the behaviors we wish to adopt

-quick fixes, which will constantly beckon us in all forms

-delicious foods of sugar, fat, and salt, which satisfy us like no other, but in too great amounts are not good

-the belief that we can “do this ourselves” and no help, support, or guidance is useful or needed

-Our fears that being unhealthy is simply “who we are” and our identity cannot be changed

-Our resentment of those who tell us that being unhealthy IS our identity

-North American Diet Mentality, which will neglect the soul, spirit, mind, and health for the number on the scale

-Time, which we will view as our enemy to what we want, when it should be our ally for what we want to create

-Our environment, which affects us whether we want it to or not

-Ourselves. As nothing else is so hard to change physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually

Throughout all these, our obstacles to better health, our poorly practiced art of neglecting health, everything ultimately falls upon on. Everything is we do is our fault. This belief either empowers us, or it is the worst thing to ever happen to us.

Your choice is your fault