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No one is going to Save You

And the time to start living a life of self sufficiency and reliance is NOW.

There is no repeat to your life, nor is there a replacement for your body. You have one structure, one form you are given, and the development, health, and maintenance thereof is your responsibility.

 Wanting a “pill” to solve your ills is the hallmark of victim mindset. It is akin to begging god to win you the lotto because your financial habits made you broke.

Everything that happens to you is your fault.

It is not the role of friends and family to save you from the weight of your decisions. Relying on someone else to care for you in a state of ill health, illness that was entirely preventable, that is parasitic. It is a mindset of apathy, to be willing to live as burden unto others.

If the health of the body detracted from the health of the mind, perhaps we would make the trade. But this is contrary to the facts. The reality is that our mind and our body are so intricately tied, so intertwined in their evolution and functionality, that to neglect and do harm to one is to inhibit and commit harm to the other. Stress will kill you, regardless of form. 

Your Health is Your Physicality 

-There is Trained, and there is Untrained

Your Health is Your Mentality 

Your Thoughts Become You 

Your Health is your Spirt

Your Health is Your Identity 

Your Health is what you Consume

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Your health is an art. It is a perpetual process of self discovery, of personal evolution.

You are going to die. We all are.

Whether that is with grace and dignity, or with regret and screams of pain,

Your fate is entirely upon you.

This is the Art of Health