Supplement Recommendations

What supplements should I take?

What do you think about micronutrients?

Do I need to take supplements?

As we all live in society where we are surrounded by recommendations of superfoods, extreme diets, and prohibitions on what not to eat, it only follows that people would be curious about supplements.

I do not outright suggest that anyone NEEDS supplements. Same for micronutrients, same for any product. It MIGHT be useful, it might not.

For those that just want to know what my recommendations are, read the list below. For those that want the CONTEXT, read on

My Recommended Supplements

1. Whey Isolate Protein Powder-Use the discount code AJAC235 for 5% off. Get the chocolate or vanilla flavoring

2. Creatine-ANYONE can take creatine, Male or female. Consume 5 grams daily with plenty of fluid, the benefits are extensive

3. Vitamin D-Most people are deficient. Consume with a fatty meal for best absorption, 2000ius a day

4. Zinc and Magnesium-Something many people are also unknowingly deficient in. Topical absorption is the best method of delivery. You can also consume it orally before bed. I prefer the spray.

5. Fish Oil-Very good for joint health, and hair skin and nail health

6. Multivitamin-I don’t actually recommend multis too often, but people always want to take them. This is the brand I’d buy from

7. RED-This is an anti-inflammation, anti-stress adaptogen supplement that combines a few very effective ingredients into one product. Very effective if you are caffeine addict and at a “tired all the time” state of life

8. Testosterone Booster-There is ONE on the entire market that works, Aggressive Strength Test Booster. Ive used over the years at various junctures when my lifestyle suffered, and I know for a fact it works. Id suggest getting the bundle as part of an overall lifestyle change

The Long Form Answers

To view supplements contextually, you must ask yourself these questions: - “What can supplements do for me that consuming healthy food cannot?”

  • “What supplements could be useful to me relative to my lifestyle?”

Now, the answer to both of these things is “it depends”, but that’s the smart-ass answer that doesn’t help you. The better answer is:

  • What supplements will save you time? (convenience)

  • What deficiencies might you have with your macro and micro nutrition that supplements can fulfill?

  • What is cost effective?

  • What supplements may help you lifestyle wise, relative to your stressors?

So with some context set, these are my proverbial best supplement recommendations:

1. Whey Isolate Protein Powder

Before anyone asks, the absolute BEST quality protein powder can be found at

Every product can be customized, they have a massive selection, and if you honestly want 100% confidence with your purchase, get your protein from them.

I have a discount code that takes off shipping: - AJAC235

Mainstream Powders to Try

Most major supplement brands really are garbage

Muscltech? Ranked out of the top 50 out of 80
GNC? Ranked in the bottom 25%
BSN? Bottom 25%
CVS and Walmart brands of protein? Junk
Popular brands like Universal and Gaspari? Also lousy

Even Optimum is out of the top 20

In light of reading this, I am DEFINITELY going to have to revise my recommend supps. While Isopure was in the Top 20, and actually scored quite well overall, there are better recommendations.

 If you are going to order protein powder, go with one of the following

1. Myoprotein Whey
2. Muscefeast Whey Isolate

I’d say anything in the Top 20 is going to be of acceptable quality and high manufacturing standards, but those two stand out above the rest.

If you are freaked out by consuming protein,

-read my article on WHY you should use whey protein

 -get my Nutrition guide

And operative Meta Point-DO YOUR RESEARCH.

2. Creatine

What does creatine do? EVERYTHING.3

Creatine is probably the most studied supplement in existence. It does everything from increase muscle mass, improve power output, increase recovery, help with blood sugar management, help with cognition and focus, improve memory, and etc etc etc.

Is creatine safe? SUPER SAFE. 100% indisputably safe.4

I recommend people take creatine 365 days a year. Its as close to a “miracle” supplement as one can get. It has a positive effect on so many aspects of performance, it would be foolish not to utilize it. Plus it’s absurdly cheap.

Creatine monohydrate is all you need.

3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an incredibly common deficiency. Vitamin D is actually a hormone, and it has hundreds of different functions in the body.

Most notably, it can affect sex hormones and immune system. Its relatively easy to correct, take 2000ius daily with some dietary fat for absorption.

4. Fish Oil

Fish oil does A LOT. Its become one of the more popular supplements the past decade, and for good reason. Authentic, quality fish oil is a great general health supplement, usually noted for the following effects

-relieving muscle soreness
-improving joint health
-hair, skin, and nail health
-relieving blood pressure
-lowering triglyceride levels
-relieving depression (seriously)

Dosage recommendations run from 1 to 6 grams a day. If you take too much, fish can cause intestinal distress. 6 grams is recommended to relieve muscle soreness.

Based on client feedback, the “sweetspot” is about 2-4 grams, taken twice a day with food.

5. ZMA

A large percentage of the population is deficient in magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency affects a broad range of physiological functions in the body, and correcting a deficiency can have very positive qualitative effects on overall health (increased energy, decreased brain fog, better recovery, stronger immune system, and many more)

In regards to Zinc, zinc deficiency is not uncommon, and zinc CAN have a positive impact on elevating testosterone levels (as can magnesium).

Now, this DOES NOT mean “steroid” life effects. Healthy testosterone levels improve QUALITATIVE sense of well being.

Alternatively, you can also use a transdermal spray.

This is literally a spray bottle, and you spray your skin with it post shower. Unbeknownst to many people, your skin can actually readily absorb many vitamins and minerals.

That said, this is what I use. I spray it on post-shower in the evening, and notice I always sleep better whenever I use it.

Zinc and Magnesium Spray.

6. MultiVitamin

I don’t recommend multivitamins offhand. While they can certainly “fill in the gaps” in diet, they are also not entirely not necessary if your diet is reasonably healthy. That said, they are very useful. I recommend the Athletes Vitamin from Citadel, as it has Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin K (another common deficiency).

7. RED

This is a great replacement for stimulant junkies who are hooked on caffeine, strung out, and overstressed. RED contains a number of adaptogens to improve stress response, and also acts as an “‘energizer” that gives an energy boost without the usual pathway of caffeine.
8. Testosterone Booster**

Yes, there is ONE testosterone booster I recommend, but let me preface: this IS NOT STEROIDS. It does not raise your testosterone like steroids. It does not do anything magical. It will HELP elevate your test levels if they are depressed, and hopefully get them into a healthier range. You will feel more energetic and your libido should be stronger. This will not have “steroidal” effects on musclebuilding, although you might feel stronger in training.

Other Stuff


Yeah, I use a preworkout oftentimes. But what I take is not some wannabe fake steroid bullshit.

It’s basically just caffeine+creatine+beta alanine+tyrosine

Pre-workouts are just stimulants that you can take to elevate your energy before training. That is it. They do not do anything special beyond making you feel focused and alert.

This is the preworkout I’ve most often utilized.

Ive corresponded with the owners of this company many times, and they have phenomenal customer service. I bought from them when they were a startup 3 years ago, and I’ve never stopped since.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are not a necessity at all, but they are very very useful as a meal substitute. They are convenient, they can satisfy a craving, and they can save you money if your modus operandi is to find fast food whenever you are out.

Protein bars are the one product where I dont worry about purity too much. I eat this for convenience, they are NOT a regular part of my diet, and all I want when I get a bar is something that tastes good.

There are three brands I like:

Oh Yeah One Bars These are competitors to Quest bars, and they taste amazing in my opinion. Some flavors are addictive, and they’ve got 20grams of protein per bar. Only downside is they can be hard to find, so best to order these online.

Quest Bars These have become very popular, and for good reason; they are filling, high in fiber and protein, and relatively low in calories compared to some meal replacement bars. You have to experiment with flavors. These are interesting in that everyone has a different flavor they personally love. They’ve got 20 grams of protein per bar, so a solid choice

Met-Rx Super Cookie Crunch Bars Yes, they have soy in them, yes the ingredient list a mile long, BUT they taste so damn good. Truthfully, the dangers of soy are overstated. If your diet is high protein and only 10% of it is soy, you are completely fine. Same for “processed” ingredients. My diet is about 90% whole food, so it doesn’t concern me having a protein bar with a fuckload of ingredients.