Muscle programs

Body of Apollo

Basic program for intermediate lifters
Four days per week

  • Utilize rest pause + high rep sets for hypertrophy
  • For overall muscle growth plus strength gains, doesn't focus on any one muscle group

Postural Prominence

Fix your posture
12-week, high-frequency back program

  • Learn to stand up straight; traps, rhomboids, posterior delts, lats, spinal erectors, and glutes
  • Effective warmup routine for improved spinal extension and shoulder blade positioning

Quads of Gods

Very challening 12-week quad program

  • Solely designed to increase quad hypertrophy; quads are trained twice weekly, everything else put on maintenance
  • After 3 months, you can expect some inches added to your leg circumference

Posterior Power

Pack on posterior chain muscle
12-week, 5x per week program

  • Targets the calves, hamstrings, and gluteus muscles, puts everything else on maintenance
  • The perfect remedy for guys with chicken legs

The Achilles Program

This program will deliver the on "Heroic Ideal", focusing on chest, arms, and abdominal development

  • You will be training the mirror muscles three times weekly, while building muscle and strength over 12 weeks
  • If you desire pectoral and deltoid development that you've never seen before, this program is for you

Build Bigger Arms

10-week high-frequency program targeting arm muscles

  • Training arms every day down to eventually just one day per week by the end of the program
  • You will see definite increases in development across forearms, biceps, and triceps

The 70s Big Program

Barbells, Dumbbells, Bodyweight-Minimal equipment with maximal results

  • This Program is simple and brutal , 5 days a week of high volume training
  • High-volume program, so be prepared for some grinding workouts should you invest in this

Four Corners Foundations Program

12-week program for novice to intermediate lifters

  • These programs teach you the four foundations of effective training 1. Progressive Overload 2. Developing maximal and submaximal strength 3. Emphasizing compound movement 4. Recovery and Sustainability
  • Perfect for those training 3-4 Days weekly and want a plug and play program

Minimalist programs

  • Simple in design
  • Time-efficient
  • Easy to keep track of
  • Don't require much equipment (in most cases)
  • Don't require a great deal of active mental consideration

Triage, Training Minimalism

45-minute work-outs, simple push/pull, legs, press/pull split

  • Uses barbells and dumbbells only, plus a bar to perform pull-ups or chin-ups from
  • Perfect if you operate in a garage gym or just don't want to use machines

Rapid fat-loss (experimental)

Disclaimer: this program is not practical, it requires training for 2 months straight in a row every day, and it’s purely a thought experiment I had as to how I would change someone’s health and physique in the short and most efficient usage of time possible.

So, who's ever wondered how fast they could change their health and physique, if you decided to train every day?

And what would you do?

This is something I've had to consider and implement in the past with clients. When I was a personal trainer in Hollywood, I had clients that worked in the entertainment industry.

More than once, I was asked to change their body as fast as possible, as they had a scene, photo shoot, filming that required them to be in a state of undress. And, of course, they wanted to look the best they could possibly look on camera.

Now, this is not a reasonable request by any means. And trying to rapidly change your body in 6, 7, 8 weeks, or even 4 weeks, there is only so much you can do.

That said, it's not an impossibility.

It's just really demanding.

There are some key strategies that accompany trying to create rapid transformation program:

  • Train total body
    Training total body allows you to maximize the training frequency, calorie burn, metabolic stimulus, and rotate the exercises enough that you want to overtrain any one movement pattern
  • Keep the intensity moderate
    If you tried to go insane for 10 days in a row, you’d be utterly burned out and crash hard. Keeping the workouts moderate seems counter-intuitive, but by NOT training with upper limit intensity, you enable yourself to train with everyday frequency. This is simply smart energy management
  • Train every day
    This is an obvious one, but needs to be said. If you want to create an effect in as short a time as possible, you need a sustained and constant stimulus. Keep in mind, this effect may not constitute a long-term change, but long term is not what we are discussing here
  • Rest
    You have to have the recovery capacity to handle this. Getting enough sleep, getting enough to eat, drinking enough water. If you know your lifestyle and rest is not up to par to handle training every day, do not attempt this, please. It will simply burn you out more than it will help anything. Think you are up for it?