Lifehacking is a bullshit concept to chase after if you have yet to practice, learn, or create anything. You work, you work MORE, and in the process of doing so, you learn ways to work faster, and more efficient. What people seek are not “hacks” but an abolishment of having to apply real effort.

There is Trained, and There is Untrained

In this episode of the Art of Health, I discuss Hugh Jackman’s nearly 20-year transformation from a musical theater actor who never lifted, into a shredded badass who’s become a jacked icon.

In this podcast, I cover the rationale behind IIFYM, flexible dieting, and how these things are applied and misunderstood. Dieting is a nuanced subject, and understanding information in context is crucial for effective application, both short and long term.

Are Steaks and Eggs Healthy?