Some additional thoughts after this rant of a podcast:

Motivation Masturbation

All manner of self-help, self-development, entrepeneur, motivational content can be read, absorbed, and give one the false sense of accomplishment, you can study hyper disciplined people and believe that their regimentation will be the X factor in becoming productive

You can study creative and prolific people, and believe their removal of boundaries will “free” your mind to create

You can study career tracks, failures, rituals, routines, sub routines, processes, and attempt to glean all manner of hacks and secrets and sharp edges

You can do this, and you can spend A LOT time doing this

but all of this means FUCK ALL if nothing actually gets “done”

An overwrought obsession with hacks, rituals, and lifestyles design preparation neglects the reality of simply sitting at a desk, and writing, working, designed, publishing, emailing, taking phone calls, etc

It neglects speaking to people face to face, eye to eye, and the mandatory requirement for such crucial conversations

It overlooks the reality that one cannot be a writer without writing regularly, a speaker without practicing speaking, a fighter without sparring,

It loses sight that strongest, fastest, biggest, baddest motherfuckers in the world get to their level of strength, proficiency, competition, through only ONE singular factor in common,

They ACT. A lot, every day. They call this PRACTICE.

This is even in the NAME. A “clinical practice”, a “legal practice”, a “professional practice”. Does not matter the domain. Laywers will laywers, doctors will doctors, Realtors sell real estate.

If you are not actively and repeatedly DOING the thing you want “success” in,

All the routines, tools, books, podcasts, Tedtalks, and hacks mean precisely FUCK ALL.

Go do something. Then again, then again. Take 5 years to find every which way to do it and do WELL.

And maybe some sense of “success” will be had

Paralysis by Preparation

Over-preparing to the point that nothing gets DONE.

A failure to plan is planning to fail, no doubt. But there is another side to this coin, and that is paralysis by planning; when an obsession with “perfect” actions creates a false expectation, and inhibits forward momentum of any kind.

People both over-prepare and underact, and when the preparation outweighs the initial outcome or return, there is discouragement.

Wanting to get something “right” the first time is admirable, but unless a situation is life and death and the magnitude of error is massive, most mistakes are not fatal. And further, the expectation that every step and movement taken will be the perfect ones, with no need of redo or feedback, You are fooling yourself. Perfection obsession turns every “failure” into catastrophe. Repeat something 100 times. If you fuck up the first 10, and get it right the next 90, you’ve got an A- and are coming out ahead.

The likelihood of perfection on something you’ve never practiced is ridiculous. Perfection obsession is a swift path towards ineffectiveness. Formulas work on the basis of adaptability, not fixation of situation.

Decisions and operations must be based upon principles, not overwrought control of every single variable. Not everything can be accounted for.