I picked this concept up from Tiago Forte. He calls obstacle generation. 

I fleshed it out a bit and deemed it Procrastination Mastery. People create obstacles to waste their own time, but there is a method to HOW they do this. 

Procrastination in 6 Steps

1. Think from a Microfocused Paradigm.
-Do not define larger aims, but instead focus on perceived obstacles and how to overcome said obstacles, ignoring the more critical goal. This diverts energy and focus from the Aim towards obstacles 

2. Create as many non-negotiable “preconditions” as possible before something can be started 
-this entraps you in a mode of finding constant obstacles simply due to the perspective of looking for them.This on the surface feels productive and rationale, but it becomes an  inhibitor to actually DOING anything

3. Make solutions dependent upon non-negotiable conditions
-this will lead you to search for “perfect” solutions and answers that must solve for A B C D E F G problems that you have found. If a solution cannot solve all those problems, then it is not worth pursuing

4. Assure yourself that this demand for perfection is rooted in your Type A personality and that you have very high standards
-This will protect your ego for a very long time and put the responsibility on the lack of information and answers, versus you own lack of action. You have standards you have to uphold, hence why you have not acted yet. 

5. Predicate solutions on the “right time’ if they do appear
-If you are presented with solutions, use the factor of improper timing as the reason why they will not work. Only when it is the right time can anything be done 

6. Repeat the above ad nauseam until a crisis happens and/or you are dead. At which point you will either 
-Blame external circumstances
-have a crisis of conscious over your life
-die with a lot of regrets

The alternative is to ACT, and DO. But you know that already. 

Choose which one you want to master.