Ive received a fair amount of questions of late on gynecomastia, if its possible to fix it with fat loss, and what possible treatment options are.

Gynecomastia, also known by the more colloquial term as bitch tits, it is a growing epidemic in Western Society. As the population has gotten more and more overweight, more and more men have breast tissue growth due to obesity, low testosterone, high estrogen, and poor diets.

If you lose bodyfat and build muscle, you sometimes can lose this fat around the chest area, but Ive gotten many questions from men who have in fact done “all the rights things”, and they still have puffy, enlarged nipples.

Now, there really is only one avenue for this, surgery.

My good friend Jay Campbell recently did a podcast and article with the world leading plastic surgeon for gynecomastia surgery, which I’d highly encourage you to listen to and read.

Podcast with Dr. Joseph Cruise, Gynecomastia Specialist

Beyond surgery, some men are concerned they will have gynecomastia when they start to lose bodyfat after being overweight. This can honestly be hard to estimate.

You may lose the fat, you might not. It would be paramount to get your hormones in order, mainly reducing estrogen levels and elevating testosterone. As I emphasize often, you need to take care of your hormonal health. Aside from fixing your diet, lifting weights, and managing stress, there are supplements that can be helpful in this.

The first would be Aggressive Strength, and the second Estrogen Control. Aggressive strength would help to elevate natural testosterone levels, and the estrogen control lowers estrogen levels. These two taken together would have a strong tandem effect, and it could also have a positive effect on fast loss as well. Taking those combined with eating a pro-testosterone diet, and lifting weights plus cardio, that would make a difference in expediting fat loss and improving overall hormonal health.

The other avenue would be TRT, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, but that obviously is more involved and requires working with a physician.

Sorry if I am the bearer of bad news, but there really are only two outcomes. You either manage to fix your hormones and aggressively lose the fat, and/or if that does not work, then you must have the surgery to take care of the issue.