As my public following has grown, my volume of questions and emails contacting me has grown substantially.

It is not feasible to address every question and inquiry, especially when they are of a highly specific nature. As such, it is has become reasonable to offer consulting as an option for people

  • Consultations all take place on skype, through video/audio or text

  • I accept Paypal, or alternatively Venmo. If neither of these work, contact me and alternative payment options can be given

  • All consultations are one hour in length, $200 for the hour.

  • All consultations are entirely confidential, and it will never be advertised or used for any content purposes of any kind.

  • Consultations can cover any manner of topic you wish to discuss relative to health and fitness, and any quantity of questions that can be answered within the hour

I produce an enormous amount of free content through email, twitter, podcast, and website, and it is my operative goal to help people en masse. Spending time on ONE person is obviously time consuming, and detracts from accessing more people. As such, consulting is non negotiable in fee.

To purchase a consultation, use the paypal link below. I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a workable time for the phone call.