In 2017, I am publishing a monthly series of novellas titled “Essays on Health”. These novellas will cover the fundamentals of biology, metabolism, nutrition, muscle, mentality, and many other subjects.

These essays are not scientific texts, but dialogues which anyone can read and understand.

Understanding Metabolism

Fat loss and metabolism are confusing topics with conflicting information.

This book answers your questions on how fat loss works, how your metabolism functions, and what your body needs for nutrition.

This book takes science-heavy concepts and breaks them down to be both understandable and readily applied to your life.

Whether you are a regular person, or a fitness professional, this book will vastly improve your knowledge of metabolism, health, and nutrition.

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Women and Training

In the past 2 decades, more women than ever have ventured into gym to take up strength training and improve their health and fitness.

Female empowerment has created the ideal of the strong women, but there are are very few practical resources for women to look for training guidance.

This book was written expressly to cover both the physical, mental, and biological realities of being a Woman who lifts weights.

Whether you are a trainer who works with female populations, or a woman wanting guidance in how to best build muscle and get stronger, this book will help you.

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