For much of my childhood, I remember being looked to for advice, both by my peers, and by adults. In adulthood, this trend continued. With all my clients, I found myself serving a role of guidance and leadership as much as instructor and teacher. Eventually, I came to accept the blend of qualities that the profession required. My clients would ask me questions. Not about exercise, but about life. They’d want my opinions on what they should. They’d trust that I’d listen to them. They’d tell me they were getting rid of their therapist and deciding to see me more days a week. Mind you, my role was to change these people’s physical health through exercise. But it was obvious to me that separating physical health from mental health, that separating physicality from mentality, You cannot do it. How you live and What you are and who you you believe yourself to be, they all are interconnected. Your health is reflective of your mentality towards your body. Your mentality is reflective of the body it sees in the mirror and the beliefs it has about it.


Or Anywhere else for that matter

It has seemed to me more and more as I’ve gotten older that a Man’s relationship with femininity is the test of his whole reality. Not that femininity IS his reality, but its a test of it (and it does make up half of it as well)

The following is a guest post by a young reader of mine, Mr. Peter of Rise and Claim. I admired this young sir’s initiative in contacting me and having an article already prepared that was of publishable quality on a useful topic. Peter maintains a twitter account and email list as well. He has the qualities I like to see in young people; bold, a learner, and cultivating his own personal brand.  

As its the new year, I am sure some of you are going to be considering that this is the year you want to get fit, get into shape, start working out, make the gym a habit, and so on and so forth. If you are are considering hiring a personal trainer, you want to make an informed decision. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2010, and I will readily say that most personal trainers are abject garbage. 80% of them are barely useful idiots, and to say that hiring them would be a waste of time is an understatement. I’ve known hundreds of personal trainers, and ratio of useless to useful is about 80/20 (Pareto Distribution). To avoid hiring someone incompetent, read through my recommendations below. What To Look For In A Personal Trainer1. Assessment + Intake Interview-A qualified trainer should ALWAYS have an interview process where they sit and TALK to you before they spit back a program/plan. A trainer that is immediately prescriptive in saying “do this” before they know anything about you is not someone you want to work with. Following an interview, there should be an assessment (this may be done at the same time). This is not a “workout”, this is a physical screen where they’ll take you through the basic movement patterns, see how you move, how you respond to coaching, and then be able to give you feedback and direction on what your major needs are, and what a preliminary plan would look like relative to your particular goalIf someone immediately wants to give you a “workout” they don’t what the fuck they are doing. Thats a tell-tale commercial gym tactic and indicates they don’t know anything about training and are inexperienced. 2. Experience- Pragmatic reality, the person who has been practicing for 5 years is likely to be infinitely more skilled than a total beginner. I’d suggest finding a trainer whose been training for at least 5 years. While an occasional rookie MIGHT be good, training is truly an applied science career that takes MANY hours of experience just to be competent at3. Personal Fitness-The more fit and impressive the trainer is, the more qualified they are likely to be. People can scream and shout and argue about this, but Ive never heard a coherent argument against this. If someone is truly educated, qualified, experienced, and a “master of their craft” with the human body, why should they not PHYSICALLY be a representation of their knowledge? Now, to be fair, this does not mean that a trainer must be 275 and look like a pro bodybuilder. But they should look pretty damn good in a tank top and be at a respectable of size, strength, and conditioning relative to their frame, guy or girl. 4. A Training Philosophy-This does not meant they need to have written a book, have articles, etc, but simply that they should be able to clearly explain their personal methodology to how they assess, train, and progress people. This should be easy to understand, devoid of fluffy sounding jargon, and be relatable to what your personal goals are 5. They read books-Ask them what their major influences are with education and any mentors they’ve had/people they’ve learned from. Im fully aware that their answers probably wont mean anything to you, but its the REACTION you want to pay attention to. If they are entirely caught off guard and cannot recommend any reading, can’t recall reading themselves, and cannot name ANYONE that could be considered an influence on their training, do not train with them. The best trainers are always constantly looking to improve their skillsets

Fair warning this article is 3700+ words, read at your leisure, I cover A LOT with this