Are Steaks and Eggs Healthy?

This depends. Like all questions, this requires context before any kind of answer can really be given

Steak and eggs are an american staple food. Steak and eggs are “man” food. Steak and egss are the working mans meal.

Are steak and eggs healthy? They certainly can be.

Steak and Eggs as “Health Food”

Steak is a great protein source, and eggs are even better. As high protein foods, they are highly satiating and provide an ample amount of amino acids, which are crucial for overall health and vitality. They contain healthy saturated fat and cholesterol, which help support testosterone levels and overall hormonal health. Both steak and eggs have a plethora of vitamins and minerals; vitamin D, choline, vitamin E, Vitamin A, and many more. So in regards to “micronutrients”, steak and eggs are excellent.

Can you have too much of a good thing? Absolutely you can. Some people dont digest red meat well, so perhaps steak is not for him. Some people are allergic to eggs. Some people have familial histories and health issues that make it unwise to consume large amounts of saturated fat.

But these things are context specific like all things. And they do not negate the fact that steak and eggs can be a healthy meal and staple food source within a reasonable diet.

Steak and Egg Dieting

Vince Gironda was Golden Age Bodybuilder and personal trainer. He was one of the first proponents of low carb dieting for for fat loss. One of his recommended diets was a Steak and eggs diet.

How did this work?

Very simple-you ate two meals a day. At each meal, you’d eat 3/4 to a 1 pound of steak, and 2 to 6 eggs. You’d cook this in butter.

How could you possibly lose weight eating that? Because why cant you? If you control your calorie intake, and are able to put yourself into a calorie deficit while eating steak and eggs, you absolutely can lose bodyfat.

This diet plan may not be for everyone, and its certainly extreme in nature, BUT, its ironically very “Paleo-esque”, and similar to low carb dieting suggestions today.

You eat a lot of protein, you eat healthy fat, and I would add; Eat some vegetables for fiber and diet variety. To give an example of calorie breakdown

1.5lbs of sirloin steak a day=1,120 calories, and has 123 grams of protein, and 66 grams of fat

8 eggs a day=560 calories, and 48 grams of protein,

Total=1680 calories, 171 grams of protein, 114 grams of fat

The above diet would lead any man to lose weight. You could adjust this up or down depending on bodysize.

“This is the best way to lose weight?”

NO. There is no such thing as best, there is more advisable or less advisable dependent on context. For certain people who want diet simplicity, improved insulin sensitivity, and like steak and eggs, the above could work very very well

This is a wannabe ketogenic diet. You have high fat intake, moderate protein intake, and little to no carb intake. Your body, provided you are in a calorie deficit, it will use ketone bodies as fuel, and you will rapidly burn through your bodies glycogen.

“Would I eat Carbs at all?”

Depending on the person, have days of high carb, super low fat, moderate protein could be done to replenish your bodies glycogen stores. Such a high carb day could be done every 7-14 days, depending on your energy levels and performance in the gym.

“How long would this diet last??”

However long as necessary, There are no hard and fast rules on such things. You could follow this f0r a few months if you enjoy it

“Could I become malnourished on this diet?”

Unlikely. Eggs and steak are nutrient dense, as are green vegetables if you are eating those. It would be unlikely that you become deficient in anything

“Can I eat chicken instead of steak???”

You could eat fucking mcdonalds if you wanted. Its called steak and eggs for a reason. Again, there are NO RULES at all on what you can eat on a diet. Any kind of food can be diet food so long as calories are accounted for. Steak and eggs work well because the fat content and nutrient density make for filling meals and support hormonal health.

What kind of steak?

Sirloin, top sirloin, flank, skirt steak, DOES NOT MATTER. Just do the calculations and eat the steak

“Im really into the science and will actually read a book if you recommend one. Can I read about the science somewhere?”

Yes you can. Read “The Anabolic Solution” by Mauro Di Pasquale. Not a cheap book, but it’s the only comprehensive book on low carb diets, ketogenic diets, and in depth explanation that exists. He is also the progentior of this way of eating, years before Dr. Atkins wrote about it.